Devon Duhart – Customer of the Year 2013


Congratulations to Mr.Devon Duhart for being our Customer of the Year 2013!This prestigious honor is awarded to Mr. Duhart due to the amount of our food he has bought/ate since we opened the doors in August. We keep track of who buys the┬ámost sandwiches by counting the number of sandwich cards redeemed per customer (buy 6 sandwiches, get the 7th free).While some of our best repeat customers have filled up 4-5 cards (approx. one card a month; 36-45 sandwiches), Mr. Duhart filled up 10 cards by Dec. 16, 2013 (approx. 2 cards per month resulting in 70 sandwiches…accounted for). That’s only including sandwiches.Nearly every day (sometimes twice), Mr. Duhart will purchase his favorite hot dog- the Dirty White Boy (chili dog topped with bacon, onions, cheddar and mayo). In addition, Mr. Duhart was the first customer to redeem a free sandwich card for buying 6 sandwiches within the first week of being open.

For this, we at the 4th Avenue Delicatessen must honor Mr. Devon Duhart as the deli’s Best Customer 2013. His portrait and first card will be on display next to the register at the deli.